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Survival Gear

 Reliable Survival Store Recommendations

Nowadays, many television shows and news are based on the end of the world. They are meant to prepare us for possible upcoming disaster by portraying events that may lead to the end of the world. Regardless of whether you believe any of this or not, it is important that you prepare yourself for a catastrophic event.

Doing this is important as a few days without modern technology can have detrimental effects. When researching about this, it is important that you know where to find reliable information. This will be discussed in this article due to the fact that the first thing most people search for is on how to find the right survival gear.

You need to be very careful when looking for relevant websites guiding you on how to prepare for a catastrophe as some of the sites have outdated content that will not help you in any way. This is why it is important to take your time to search for different websites about survival gear. Don't just trust everything the information given on a website by "survival experts".

Even if a website looks great but the quality of information seems suspect in any way, then it may be a good idea to move ahead with caution. A good way to judge their knowledge will be in how the website compiles their survival gear list. Check the overall theme of the website as some are slanted towards surviving a zombie apocalypse with humorous references to popular shows and movies. Others are focused on the collapse of all governments which would dictate a serious tone.


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Buying Survival Gear

Regardless of the focus, the website may influence the selection of their suggested survival gear. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind. It is a good idea to avoid a website that has the following:

-Items based on how cool they look

-No way to contact the website owners

-Cheaply constructed Chinese survival items

-Recommendation of items just because they appeared in movies

-Overly large knives -Knives with hollow handles to store supplies (not full tang)

-Main focus on "tactical items"

-Very expensive prices

As you begin your journey in becoming a survivalist or you are just mildly interested in the topic, you should remember that the right survival gear can make the difference in an emergency.

Tips To Use In Selecting Discount Survival Store Gear

The word "gear" is among those words you can lump several things. What is a "gear" to one person may not be a "gear" to another person. However, most people understand what "gear" is when it comes to survival gears. Survival items are very important as they make life a little easier and less stressful during survival situations. The tips below will help you choose survival gear that will meet your needs:

Choose what you need

When looking for survival gear, it is important that you choose items that you need and not those that you would like to have. This requires a little self-control and judgement. For instance, is it necessary to look for an 8-person tent for you and your wife?

Don't buy an item you have

It is good to avoid buying an item you have unless if you have an item that does not work well or is broken and should be replaced. Another exception to this would be if the survival item you want to buy has a feature or features you need. For example, if you have a multi-tool that does not have an awl, then it may not be a bad idea to buy a new multi-tool with an awl to fill a certain need.

Go through the survival gear checklists

Get at least 3 survival gear checklists and go through them. Identify those items found in all the gear lists. This is very important as it will help you identify those items that you should have during emergencies. You should also go through the lists and identify those items that will meet your family's personal needs. Remember that you should buy "needs" and not "wants".

Visit survival blogs

As a double check, visit survival blogs to see what other people are recommending in terms of survival gear, the strengths and shortcomings of different survival gear items and other information on being prepared.

Read customer reviews

After you have identified and made a list of the survival gear you need, read through customer reviews. I have found Amazon.com to be a good source for customer product reviews.

Reading customer reviews will enable you to see what another people other than the manufacturer has to say about a certain product. Remember that how some products perform in practice may be entirely different from how the manufacturer says it performs.

Consider the quality of the items When it comes to selecting survival supplies, quality is more important than price. Always remember that you will not be able to run to your local store in the middle of a disaster or crisis to find a replacement for an item that breaks down or does not work.

Don't buy one "critical" item buy at least two of them If you consider a certain item absolutely "critical" to your and your family's survival, then it would be good to buy at least two of them.