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Taser Guns

If you watch the news or read a newspaper each day, it seems as if the world is getting more and more violent each day. As a result, people have started to be more proactive in regards to protecting their property and family. Some resort to taking self-defense classes, while others prefer to invest in non-lethal weapons such as taser guns for their self-defense.

How Do They Work?

Basically, a taser gun fires small metal probes that are attached to the gun in the direction of the attacker. If the probes strike the attacker, then an electrical charge is transmitted from the gun into the attacker via these probes which will cause temporary paralysis. This long-distance capability gives you the opportunity to take out an attacker before he gets too close to you or your family. Taser guns are easy to use which makes them a popular choice for those looking for self-defense options.


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Non Lethal Taser Guns

Many people don't want to keep a real gun in their home for safety purposes, which makes affordable taser guns an excellent alternative. Guns, while being an excellent self defense option, also come with risks. Mishandling them can lead to serious injuries, especially if they happen to fall into the hands of children. You can avoid worrying about such things by purchasing a taser gun instead,which will only result in a little pain and temporary incapacitation should it be mishandled. Still, even a nonlethal weapon like an affordable taser gun should be kept out of reach of children for safety purposes.

Law Enforcement

Taser guns have become a popular law enforcement tool in recent years. Due to several cases of unnecessary deaths at the hands of police gunfire, law enforcement agencies all across the country are turning to taser guns as the weapon of choice in many situations. This allows police officers to apprehend suspected criminals without risk of death or serious injury. With fewer deaths, it should become easier for police to do their jobs without having to worry about their every move being questioned.


When tasers first came on the market, only the military and law enforcement agencies had access to them. In recent years, the laws against taser ownership have been loosened, making them more accessible to average men and women. This is especially good news for women who are interested in a way to protect themselves but who aren't ready to purchase an actual gun. Sadly, they still aren't legal in every state, which limits the non-lethal self defense options of those who need them most. For people who live in states that don't allow taser ownership, you still have the option of using pepper spray.

Before you purchase an affordable taser gun, you must make sure they are legal to own in your state first. You must also make sure you're following any rules and restrictions your state has made a condition of taser gun ownership. For example, in most states it is illegal to carry a taser onto school grounds and you can get into serious trouble if you are caught doing so. This is why it is important to make sure you're well informed about your state's taser gun laws.

These are the affordable Tasers we offer:

Taser Bolt:

• This baby delivers the same knock down trusted by police departments across these United States of America. Its sleek design enables it to be easily carried in your purse or pocket.

• The Taser Bolt will knock down your attacker and keep them down for 30 seconds, which will give you time to safely escape .

Taser Pulse:

• No background check in most states.

• Police proven

• Comes with laser LED lights

• Dehorned sites

• Also comes with 2 live cartridges, a replaceable lithium battery, a protective cover, and a quick start guide.

• Weighs 0.5 LBS

X2 Defender

: • A projectile weapon that fires 2 electronic charged probes that will pierce your attackers clothes.

• Holds up to 2 replaceable cartridges.

• Hand held pistol design

• Effective range of 15 feet

• Warning arc that should help convince your attacker to run away

• Used by police departments all across America X26P:

• Offers the highest punch for a fast take down for your attacker, it overrides an attackers central nervous system for 5 seconds

• 15 foot safety range to aid your escape

• Long life non rechargeable replacement battery.

• Comes with 2 taser cartridges and a black holster.

• Practice target is included Weighs 2.3 oz without cartridge loaded.