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  • Dummy Cameras: Are They A Wise Investment?


    Here is a story that you might not believe. A couple of days ago, a customer called us on our technical support line and insisted that his Dummy Camera wasn't working. Considering that this was a real issue a real person was experiencing, it is important that we ask one question: How clever are Dummy Cameras?

    CCTV systems, also known Closed Circuit Television Systems, offer an effective and highly visible crime deterrent. How and where a security camera is set up is usually enough to send any would-be criminals scuttling off to find locations that are easier to rip-off.

    So, are dummy cameras as effective crime deterrents as real security cameras? Used in the right way, dummy cameras are as effective as security cameras. A high-quality Dummy Camera installed in a location where it can easily be seen can be very effectively deter crimes from happening.

    Now, before running out and buying some Dummy Cameras and placing them all over your home or building, there are a couple of important things that you might want to consider.

    Not only do CCTV systems act as great crime deterrents, but the videos recorded by the system's cameras can also provide reliable and indisputable evidence of any illegal activities that have taken place including muggings, shoplifting, assaults, robbery or even murder.

    Videos captured by Dummy Cameras have never been presented as evidence in any Court of Law. At the same time, Dummy Cameras cannot help solve any crimes after they have occurred, and no one has ever caught any shoplifter with these cameras.

    Another important consideration that's often overlooked when it comes to Dummy Cameras is related to lawsuits and personal liability. There's something that attorney's like to refer to as "Implied Security". What does this mean? It simply implies that if anyone, including your tenants, customers, employees, or even a passer-by, sees a Security Camera, they probably will have expectations that the location is secured and that there is someone watching videos shot by the camera.

    For instance, if a lady were raped in a parking lot that belongs to you, and which is surrounded by Dummy Cameras, then you could end up being held partially liable. This, of course, is if the lady felt reasonably certain that she was in a safe location that's being monitored by Security Cameras.

    It is important to note that "Implied Security" could also apply to cameras that are broken. As such, if your CCTV System is broken, you should consider having it fixed or replaced.

    As an inexpensive way to deter theft, Dummy Cameras can be great investments; however, it'll never provide you the peace of mind, protection and benefits owning a CCTV system present.

  • Can Bug Detectors Actually Protect Your Privacy?


    Today, more than ever before, it's nearly impossible to be in a public place without being caught on camera. From small shops to the marketplace to a bank or a museum, all use surveillance cameras to protect their place of business and their employees. Closed Captioned Television surveillance has rapidly grown over the last decade and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

    However, these camera's are not just used to protect the public buildings, they're also used for reasons that you may not anticipate. Even in areas such as changing rooms, shower stalls, and hotel rooms these spy cameras may be awaiting you.

    These illegal camera's are prohibited, however, not everyone is following the rules. There are a lot of people who try to spy on others in private places without any thought to the right to privacy. In these cases, a spy bug detector may help to protect people from such hidden camera's.

    Why These Bug Detectors Are Useful

    To start with, these bug detectors are a type of anti-surveillance device that can catch spy gadgetry in the local area. These detectors come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of a variety of functions. Smaller ones may also be utilized to catch audio bugs that are in phones or near phones. Larger sized devices can capture the sizes of a briefcase and spy camera's. The audio equipment is also able to capture more than smaller sized detectors. Of course, these do cost more.

    ZThe more advanced models will not only capture bugs in the room, they can also "steal" the RF signals and show you what the security camera is viewing at any given time. If these CCTV cameras aren't using any encoding, you can easily see what they are viewing.

    How Do These Bug Detectors Work?

    Let's take a moment to see how these bug trackers work. From wireless models that are very similar to spy camera's to computers, they send a radio signal to various locations. These are called RF signals and they refer to the term, "Radio Frequency" which tells what frequency the camera's are using on air. They communicate with a receiver. Detectors scan the room or office for these radio signals and then report right back to you whenever a camera or audio device is found.

    Note: If you're checking your home you may want to turn off cell phones and the like to ensure that you're getting everything that may be transmitting in your home. Cell phone signals may distort the actual true results.

    Frequency Range

    Typically, bug detectors will operate in a 2GHz or a 3GHz range. Most of the spy cameras also work in this range so this makes it easier to ensure that the signals are captured. Of course, some will operate at higher levels such as 4GHz or even 6GHz. However, those may not be captured with the typical detector equipment. You'll need a more advanced detector to capture those. Private Investigators usually use such higher powered detectors as do police departments. These higher powered models can detect up to a 9GHz range. They are much pricier however, they will catch any bugs in the room.

    Can The Surveillance Bugs Capture Wired CCTV Cameras?

    Typically, bug detectors can find any wireless spy camera or audio device using an RF signal. Even if it's a mini camera well hidden or a phone bug. Even a blue tooth spy cam can be captured. However, hard-wired cameras may pose a different issue as they're not using a radio frequency signal to transmit the date from one transmitter to a receiver. There are other devices that may help when this is the issue.

  • Women's Personal Safety Kit


    According to The New England Journal Of Medicine, one-third of all women has at some point in their lifetime been sexually assaulted. Perhaps even more frightening about this statistic is that this number is based only upon those cases that were reported. Likely the actual figure is much higher. Many women are too ashamed to report it. Still others are too fearful to report it. Also, the figure doesn't include assault cases in which only theft or personal harm occurred.

    Based upon these facts alone, personal safety is something that every woman should consider. A personal safety kit is important to have readily available both at home when traveling (even just for errands) and even at work.

    It's so prevalent that there are sexual assault nurse examiners trained to help women who have undergone such an attack. These SANEs will be the first to tell you that the numbers are staggering and rising all the time. The first thing they would recommend for teen girls is a self-defense weapon. Just 20 years ago there were few of these weapons available and they were hardly required. There was no specific department at hospitals or clinics for sexual assault and trauma. Sadly, today there is a huge need for such emergency care and protecting such women in this situation.

    Don't wait until it's too late, you need to consider a form of self-defense before you need it. Don't put yourself in a situation where someone can harm you and traumatize you. Get a stun gun, pepper spray or some form of self-defense and keep it on hand at all times. Many of these look like an everyday item that any woman might have with her. From an every day looking lipstick or cell phone, stun-guns and pepper spray can look completely innocent.

    Never assume that you're safe, even if you've made this trip or walk a thousand times. Keeping a personal safety kit on hand will allow for any emergency and even protect you from rabid animal attacks.

    Keeping a safety kit on hand can also help if you see someone else in need. You may just save their life.

    Always being prepared will ensure that you won't be caught off guard. More than once a woman and child were saved by a quick-thinking stranger who could frighten off a would-be attacker. You could be the one that saves someone in such a situation.

    Recently, the anniversary of 9/11 was honored. Those individuals who gave their all for people they didn't even know. This is a huge reminder that you never know what could happen when you walk out that door. American's woke up at this moment and recognized that everyone is vulnerable. It's important to make the effort to keep this in mind at all times. As we take a moment and honor those fallen heroes, we need to remember how vulnerable we all are.

    There are many clever devices on the market today that appear totally innocent but could just save your life. While not deadly weapons, these are weapons that will damage the attacker long enough for an escape. Making the best of a situation and plotting out a route of escape while deploying a stun gun or pepper spray takes only seconds if you know how to use your weapon of choice. A personal safety kit wouldn't be complete without such an item and every woman should know how to use one.

  • How To Use A Taser For Women's Safety

    In terms of physical safety and being able to protect themselves against assault and other kinds of dangerous situations, women are thought to be more vulnerable than men. That may be due to the fact that women, when compared with men, usually have a smaller build and not a lot of knowledge about fighting techniques.

    It is about time that this changed, since these days women have become more empowered and have many of the same roles that men do in today's modern society. One of the most effective ways that women can protect themselves is through using a Taser and other kinds of self-defense devices.

    Using this kind of device may not be as difficult as trying to learn martial arts. However, there still is an art to learning how to use a Taser. Your safety, as well as the safety of those around you are paramount whenever you have a Taser stored someplace in your home. You need to be a responsible owner of this kind of self-defense item. For one thing, you can start to ensure that you know how to use it properly. In some states you are required to have a license or papers whenever you have this kind of device.

    Although it is a non lethal item, you will need to handle it carefully. Do not leave it out anywhere that children can find it. Some Taser products are quite portable and can be carried in your purse. That way you can carry it every day whenever you leave your house.

    When you use this item, you need to know how the electrical pulses should be delivered in order to incapacitate your attacker. However, you also need to know how to avoid having multiple pulses delivered. When that occurs, the person receiving the pules may become permanently damaged. It could even result in death at times.

    There are kinds that you can program so that electrical cycles are delivered for a maximum amount of time. For example, some automatically will only allow the Taser to be used for delivering electrical pulses for one cycle that lasts for just 30 seconds. There are features that prevent you from being able to deliver too many periods over a long time period. That is the best kind for women to carry since it will deliver a sufficient amount of electricity that will let you run away from your attacker.

    Although Taser products may not be best suited for everybody to use, they can be ideal if your life is being immediately threatened and you aren't comfortable using a gun. Pepper spray might also not do the job. A Taser is basically some in between pepper spray and a gun, since it allows you to incapacitate your attacker effectively without necessarily killing the person.

    When you have a Taser with you already, there are a few practical tips you should be aware of. First of all, be sure you device is completely charged each time. Be sure it is working properly by performing a spark test or trying it our on a regular basis. Finally, take falling issues into consideration since they can be more dangerous when using these items.

  • Aid To Bear Spray - How, When And Why


    A lot of people like to go on camping trips out in the woods. Many of these people like to go on hikes as well or bicycling. They always bring the obvious such as a tent, sleeping bag, water, food and so on, however, many don't consider the possibility of a bear stopping in for a visit. Most of them don't even think about bears. However, what happens if a bear does decide to drop in for a visit on your campsite?

    Mace Bear Pepper Spray is a much-needed survival item when you're out in the woods. Bears can easily attack if they feel that you've invaded their territory or if they feel that you're a threat. To avoid this you'll want to have some pepper spray with you to help show them that they're not going to win and to protect yourself. These sprays are made up of the same stuff that is in human pepper spray and it's humane. It will burn their eyes, nose and mouth but it won't cause any permanent damage to the animal.

    To begin with, make your presence known to the bears. Make noise, talk loud, don't panic if you do encounter a bear. Most of the bears will leave quickly if you're noisy so don't run, that usually means"chase" to an animal. Bears are big, but they're not slow. They can run faster than most Olympians.

    Guard Alaska Bear Spray will be handy for you if you're threatened by any bears too. It can shoot up to 30 feet and you won't have to be up close to use it. The spray comes out as a fog so you don't have to be a perfect aim either. It will empty out in about 5 seconds and in that time, you can get away. It can be kept on your belt with a Bear Spray Holster, which makes it easier to carry with you wherever you go.

    If you don't already have any pepper spray, now is the time to get some. Before you need it. Remind all of your friends to get some as well. When you own this, you as well as anyone who is with you will be safer out in the woods. Let's face it, you don't want to wish you had it when you need it. Keep it handy anytime you're hiking or camping and know how to deploy it so that you can protect yourself, your friends, family and pets. This will ensure that you enjoy your next camping or hiking trip.

  • The Dome Camera


    The market for security cameras is of course a vast one and Dome is one of them. Known for its covering dome the Dome camera makes for an excellent hidden device being as it can come with either a fixed lens or a var-focal lens. Regardless of your preference the Dome camera is an excellent choice for your store, casino, restaurant, school, hospital, bus-terminal, apartment complex, shopping mall and even your home.

    The camera may seem small but it is perfect for any place of business or any home and it can easily be installed on a wall or ceiling your choice. Another feature these cameras offer is night vision, does it get any better than that? So your business is safe even when it is dark, images will always be captured regardless.

    there are many features that make this little camera quite reliable. The pan-tilt zoom makes this camera capable of capturing any object from any angle due to its capability to move in a 3600 angle. Nothing will get past this camera regardless of the time of day or night.

    Another added bonus to this already irresistible camera is its casing which is vandal proof. The camera's casing is a Armor-Dome casing which protects the savvy modern day thief who may know about such objects from being able to break it. Not only is it angry vandal proof it is also weather proof, rain, snow, sun, hail or sleet this camera will keep on clicking.

    The cameras that are able to record during the daylight as well as the dark of night are called day/night surveillance cameras. Not only are they able to capture images night and day but the images captured can be feature in black and white or even color. The way it works is color by day and black and white by night. You will have detailed and color coded images of the are you are surveying.

    These cameras are on high demand and easy to purchase, they are simple to install and you can choose a size and model that fits your security `preferences and needs. By purchasing, installing and using the Dome camera the security levels of the area you are surveying will be greatly increased.

  • Personal Alarms Are Great Devices For Seniors


    The truth is we live in a crazy world and this will always be the case and it has always been this way. However, I do think there's more good people than bad people, and only a few people can be considered truly evil, which means there's not much good in them and they'd have no problem harming others, regardless of their victims' age, gender and so forth. With that said, there are quite a few people who will hurt others and they won't think twice about it and they will get on with their day like nothing has happened. In many cases, the person who does this is truly evil or they have taken a substance and they are not in full control of their actions or thoughts.

    Given the number of bad and evil people out there, good people should have a means of self-defense, and senior citizens should definitely have some form of self-defense on them, just in case a situation arises and they need to defend themselves. One of the best items a senior citizen can have on them is a personal alarm, which are very easy to carry around, and they are very easy to use. Unfortunately, as people age, they tend to lose the ability to defend themselves, and many people don't want to get involved in a physical altercation if they don't have to. Also, if you are someone who can't wait to get into an altercation with someone, then you are likely the type of person that other people need to be protected from.

    Most alarms for personal use emit sounds that are highly decibel, and they will do two things, with one of them being alerting people in the surrounding area what is happening. The other thing it will usually do is scare the assailant, who will likely run away before they have had the chance to inflict any sort of damage on you. These are the main things a personal alarm will usually accomplish.

    If your assailant is deaf, then the chances are other people will hear the alarm, even though your assailant won't, and when a high pitched sound is going off, people will likely take notice and look in the direction where the sound is coming from. This is obviously not good news for the person trying to harm you, but it's terrific news for you, but there's a good chance you won't have to rely on others when you have a personal alarm because the assailant will have an idea of what's going on. This means they will know that the alarm spells out bad news for them and they will run away and leave you alone.

    Are you a senior or do you have an elderly parent? If so, then you want to be protected or offer protection to your loved ones. This is why you should buy them a personal alarm, which will ensure they have the protection they did in the event another person tries to cause them harm.

  • Voice Alert Systems: Ideal For You and Yours


    One of the biggest investments we will probably ever make is purchasing a home, according to statistics in 2017 the price for purchasing a home is around $275,000. A home of course requires homeowners insurance and if you own a car you have to have that insured as well. The astonishing and hard to believe fact though is that more people arm their vehicles with alarms than they do their own homes.

    Before you even get through this article, in the United States alone there will have been two burglaries committed. Statistics show that every three seconds a property crime is committed and every fifteen seconds a burglary takes place.

    An alarm is an excellent way to scare off a possible burglar and ninety percent of law enforcement believes that many burglaries are deterred thanks to alarms. There are many alarms to choose from and many of these are even monitored by former law enforcement. Whatever you choose, whether it is a loud, silent, wireless, wired, window, motion, door, monitored or unmonitored alarm your choices are limitless and the results do work. You want to let potential burglars know that your home is protected through signage and they will think twice before breaking in.

    A great option is the voice alert system which uses your own voice to alert you of a trespasser. This is a great drive away security device which is very exclusive, you can install this in as many as six locations around your office or home, areas you would like to be notified if an intruder were attempting to break in.

    One of the best options are those with wireless PIR sensor transmitter and a remote activated base unit speaker/receiver. With this system you can record your own warning messages which will inform you of any emergency. The main applications included in these systems are home and small office security, wireless driveway alarm, pool safety, child monitoring and home automation.

    The voice alert systems are so efficient that a through wall signal up to three feet and in open space can be transmitted up to one thousand feet. A voice alarm system is a great option to assist you in many an emergency situation such as the following:

    Cars coming into the driveway
    Children playing in the tool shed
    People coming near the front or back of your home or apartment.
    Someone entering your garage
    Anyone approaching the main door.
    When a parked vehicle or boat are entered.
    Security applications for small businesses.
    A child approaching your swimming pool.

    These easy to install systems are very dependable, they are affordable and won't leave a messy bunch of wires since they are also wireless. If you are looking over this article you have probably been affected by crime in some way or another and want to make sure that you, your family, property, business etc are not adversely affected in the future and this voice alert system is the best first step.

  • The Kubotan: An Unsuspecting yet Useful Weapon to Carry

    A Kubotan although simple looking has amazing striking power.

    At a simple glance it looks almost like an eclectic key fob but those trained in its use can wield it in unanticipated ways. If you are new to a kubotan then simply holding it firmly and swinging it with the keys attached on the other end and striking the face can cause damage. It can also be support to your closed hand so that if punching the the bones are supported as you strike.

    You can also hold it in your fist and deliver quite a strong hammer fist blow to certain areas such as the knees, elbows, joints or any area of the body with a bone close to the surface. As a matter of fact if you strike just about anywhere while using a kubotan you will inflict some severe pain. That is why this seemingly simple "key chain" is a practical weapon for defending yourself, one you should have on you at all times.

    This simple looking device is one that when placed in the hands of a trained user it is an amazing tool for combat. A great example of this would be Filipino knife fighting which is known as the art of Kali, the way that the kubotan is used is as if it was a knife handle or the bottom of a fighting stick, it is held right below the handle. The knife handle if known how to be used can easily cause a wrist lock which will bring down an assailant.

    If you are not able to lug around a stick or even less  a knife then a short kubotan is a great option. A Kali expert when using a kubotan can easily strike, cause a wrist lock or take down quite rapidly and there are actually quite a few simple kubotan techniques which can easily be learned by a rookie with just a bit of training.

    Many times on college school campuses serious weapons are not allowed to be carried, oftentimes you are not even permitted to carry a stun gun or pepper spray, the good thing is that generally a kubotan is legal to carry on campus and is a great form of self defense. This is quite an easy weapon for women who unfortunately are targeted more often then to learn how to use effectively. Unless you are skilled in the art of Krav Maga and can cause damage with just your hands, then carrying a kubotan is better than carrying nothing at all.

    One of the best features of a kubotan is the fact that it looks completely harmless, as a matter of fact most people may see it as an abnormally large key chain fob for the person who always loses their keys, it does not look menacing and an assailant will not see it coming. In my opinion this is the weapon of choice, it does not draw attention and can easily be carried in a non combative way all the while ready to be used if needed.

    Although I personally do carry other forms of defense the kubotan is always with me, many a time has come when I have felt the need for some extra protection and the kubotan has provided exactly that. Unfortunately it does require full contact self defense but it can inflict the damage needed to give you enough time to hightail it outta there and get some help. This small yet impactful device does not draw attention, can be carried anywhere and could quite possibly save your life if needed.

  • A Guide To Telescopic Steel Batons

    In a dangerous situation where someone is threatening you, having an effective self-defense weapon can be a literal life-saver. One great advantage offered by a telescopic steel baton for this purpose is that it gives you a significantly extended reach. Most experienced criminals understand that such a device can inflict significant pain, so only the most foolhardy attacker would risk attacking you instead of moving on to a less risky target.

    How are telescopic steel batons made? These weapons are created by joining together multiple (usually three) pieces of tubular steel. The individual pieces become narrower the further away from the grip they get. This allows the entire baton to be collapsed into a very compact stored position. When extended, the baton becomes a long and solid weapon.

    Displaying a baton and extending it is often all that is needed to avert a dangerous attack. The extension function is both loud and visually impressive, announcing without ambiguity that the user is armed and dangerous.

    Batons -- including telescopic types -- can be considered impact weapons, and can be used for all of the standard maneuvers impact weapons are practical for. Examples include stabbing, hitting, blocking, and making holds and locks more effective. Telescopic batons typically come in lengths of 16, 21, or 26 inches, and most can be opened with simple centrifugal force by swinging the handle sharply.

    The size of the baton which best suits your needs is usually determined by what size you're able to use with comfort and control. Longer batons will be more powerful but also more difficult to handle. All lengths of telescopic steel baton are effective striking weapons, and few assailants would dare to stand their ground to be hit more than once.

    This is a very portable and concealable self-defense weapon. This makes it ideal for use in dangerous situations where space may be limited, such as in a vehicle. Using a baton from inside a vehicle makes it easy to drive off an assailant outside the vehicle. They may be used in threatening situations inside a vehicle, although deploying larger models properly may be hard in cramped conditions. Batons are also effective -- when wielded by skilled users -- at immobilizing an assailant. This can be accomplished by striking at the legs, particularly the knee. This technique is a favorite among law enforcement officers.

    Carrying a telescopic steel baton for self-protection can save your life if you find yourself being threatened by a dangerous assailant. Thanks to its very small space when stored, it's ideally suited for carrying at all times, and bringing it along at night is particularly smart. Being the victim of a crime isn't always avoidable, but you can take steps to reduce your risks and improve your odds in threatening scenarios.

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