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Zap Stun Guns

Discover Zap Blast Knuckles, The Perfect Self Defense For Runners, Joggers And Walkers

Anyone who is looking to get in some great exercise and to improve their cardiovascular system can do so by running or jogging and even walking. The early morning just before a woman has to go to work is one of the best times to do this type of exercise or in the evening time after work. The one concern about doing this activity is being attacked by an animal or a person while exercising alone.

Discovery These 4 Important Tips On How To Reduce The Risk Of Exercising Outdoors Alone

1. Before you ever begin your exercise program you should take the time to choose a route that doesn't go through any areas that are risky or that is without lighting and areas where it is often empty. Choosing a route that has people and traffic is a far better choice than an area that is secluded or deserted.

2. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you run with a partner. Most people will find that doing so helps keep them motivated and it is considerably safer when there are two people. Animals and people generally attack the easiest prey and when there are two people it is likely that predators will choose to look for an easier target.

3. Anyone who is doing this type of exercise outdoors and has any reason for concern should carry a self-defense weapon. One example of a very good self-defense weapon is a stun gun. It's easy to use, lightweight, and effective.

4. Even though many people enjoy running while listening to music this can impede your ability to hear an attacker coming. It is better to run without listening to music or other recordings because this frees you up to listen for any person or animal that may be approaching you or trying to speak to you.

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"The Knuckle Blaster"

Anyone who's wanting an effective way to defend themselves while enjoying outdoor exercise activities should strongly consider carrying a stun gun. One type of stun gun is the 'Knuckle Blaster' which looks very much like a set of brass knuckles. This stun gun is made with soft rubbery skin which makes it comfortable and allows it to fit securely in your hand while running.

This stun gun has a safety switch that is strategically located so that your thumb can quickly and easily turn it on and off. There is no need to use both hands with this self-defense weapon and all you have to do is switch off the safety and you can fire very quickly with only one hand. Anyone who is jogging or taking a walk outdoors can simply wear the Knuckle Blaster stun gun much like they would a set of weights. Unlike hand weights, however, this stun gun is very lightweight and is there if any type of dangerous situation comes your way.

If an attacker attempted to take the stun gun away it would be extremely difficult because it fits on your hand like a set of brass knuckles and with your grip, it would be very difficult to take it off. You could easily zap them with electricity should they try. Because it's worn on the hand there is no need to take it out of a pocket or bag so it is immediately ready if an attack comes.

This particular type of stun gun uses a system that is a multi-prong defense. When it is activated there is a sound that has an impact on the person's auditory system. Very often if an attacker sees that they are at risk of receiving an electric shock it is enough for them to run away in fear. In more serious cases where the attacker is not scared away by the sight and sound of a stun gun, then as soon as they are shocked it will disable them.

As little as half a second of electrical shock can cause excruciating pain. If the person receives a shock for one or two seconds it will cause them to experience mental confusion and muscle spasms. If the attacker receives an electrical shock for three or more seconds then it will cause significant brain disruption. Even the strongest attacker who receives an electrical shock from this stun gun for four or five seconds will fall to the ground and may even wet themselves. They will experience a complete loss of balance and they will become disoriented. When this happens, it gives you a significant amount of time to run away and get to safety.

Introducing The Zap Blast Knuckles

If you're hit with a knuckle duster, it's going to hurt. Can you imagine what it'd be like getting hit with one that will zap you with 950,000 volts of power? Imagine if a device like that existed?

Well, it does and it's called the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun. It's a self-defense product that is designed for those who jog in high risk areas. If it's a very bad area, then you can wear one on each hand.

Remember, if a mugger attempts to harm you, ask if they have an artificial heart. Of course we are just joking and you should just throw a punch at them while wearing this powerful device. This stun gun literally packs a powerful punch that can prevent bad things from happening to you. Best of all, the device is suited for all hand sizes and it is comfortable to wear.

Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun has a built-in safety switch, which is a good safety measure. However, you can easily flip it off and use it. You won't have to use both of your hands to do it either.

Stun guns leave their targets temporarily incapacitated. The way it works is the gun releases a charge of electricity. This zaps the nervous system, which results in the neurological impulses being disrupted.

The charge controls the body's movements and the muscular system cannot function as normal, which causes the person to lose their balance. Not only that, but their energy levels are zapped. This makes it difficult for the person to move.

The device can leave a person stunned for 10-15 minutes and then you can make your escape. Don't worry because you won't cause the attacker any permanent damage. Furthermore, the current won't affect you because it won't pass to your body from the target's body.

This device should be in every woman's arsenal and it comes with two batteries and a belt holster. This allows you to have easy access to it, which will come in handy if you ever need to use it.

Law enforcement around the world use such products. You should too. If you want a self-defense product that is effective and of high quality, then consider getting this one.

Just remember, stun guns are not legal everywhere. Check your area's laws. If it's legal, then go ahead and purchase the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun today. You never know when you will have to defend yourself, but you will be ready if you have to.