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Flashlight Stun Guns

The Benefits Of A Flashlight Stun Gun

These days, danger is lurking around every corner. Even something as simple as leaving work late at night or walking through a poorly lit parking lot can put you in harm's way if you aren't properly prepared. Even if you aren't worried about yourself, you most likely have family members or other loved ones who could use extra protection. One of the most effective ways to defend against these risks is by carrying a flashlight stun gun.

These tools provide the light-giving power of a flashlight with the self-defense benefits of a stun gun. At first glance, you can't tell that it is a weapon. Instead, it looks like an ordinary flashlight. Carrying it with you after dark can make a real difference in your ability to defend yourself against attacks.

There is a reason why police officers, security guards, and military personnel rely on stun guns. They provide a huge jolt of electricity that is powerful enough to disable attackers, giving you plenty of time to escape. Higher voltage stun guns can incapacitate someone for as long as two or three minutes. This can allow you to get far away from them by the time they recover.

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The Powerful Flashlight Stun Gun

Here are some of the ways that an electrical jolt from a flashlight stun gun impacts the body:

*An inability to control the muscles. When the stun gun comes in contact with an attacker, it sends a huge jolt of electricity through their body, causing them to lose the ability to control their muscles. Not only will this cause them to fall down but it will also keep them from moving their body effectively until the effects of the electricity have worn off. 

*A disruption of the central nervous system. Not only does a stun gun affect an attacker's control of their muscles but it also affects the central nervous system. This can cause them to become unconscious or can lead to a sense of confusion and disorientation that renders them harmless until it wears off.

*An extreme level of pain. A jolt of electricity from a stun gun is tremendously painful.

The Benefits Of Owning A Flashlight Stun Gun

There are several reasons why you should choose a stun gun flashlight including the following:

* Easy to carry. Thanks to their compact size, you can tuck these devices into your handbag or briefcase, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go.

* Non-lethal. Unlike other types of weapons, stun guns won't wind up killing the target or doing any permanent damage. Instead, it will just incapacitate them for a short period of time.

* Simple to operate. Before you can use a traditional handgun, you have to spend a lot of time being trained on how to use it. The same is not true for stun guns. It is just a matter of reading through the directions to learn how to use it correctly.

* Affordable. When it comes to weapons, flashlight stun guns are some of the most affordable.

* Easy to purchase. You can find these devices here on our website with a wide variety of choices.

Why Choose A Flashlight Stun Gun?

There are a number of reasons to consider choosing a stun gun flashlight for self-defense. Not only can they provide light but they can also help protect you if you are attacked.

They are also discrete since they are designed to look like regular flashlights. That means that you don't have to announce to the world that you are carrying a weapon. Instead, people will just think that you are using a flashlight.

The flashlight portion of the stun gun makes it easier to see in the dark. Not only can this help light the way if you are traveling through dark areas but it can also make it easier to direct the stun gun at an attacker. If you are being attacked in the dark, it can be hard to see where to point a traditional stun gun. With a flashlight attached, however, you should be able to easily identify the best direction to point it so that it comes in contact with your attacker.

The compact size of these self-defense weapons makes them easy to use for people of all ages and sizes. Everyone from teenagers to fully grown adults can benefit from carrying one of these weapons with them.

When you have a flashlight stun gun by your side, much of the fear associated with being out by yourself at night disappears. Knowing that you can defend yourself if you are attacked can give you a great deal of peace of mind.

All You Need To Know About The Flashlight Stun Gun

Safety is most commonly defined as being protected against any physical dangers, threats or hazards. Ensuring safety, according to this definition, has become a growing concern for individuals across the globe as violent crime statistics increase in all contemporary societies. However, with joint efforts from governmental authorities and the general public, it is now possible to assure the safety of local communities. In little ways, we are able to contribute to the prevention of criminal activity in respective localities. No effort is too small and any alertness can go a long way in the reduction of crime, such is seen with the use of the revolutionary stun gun flashlight.

As a flashlight, this device is one of the most basic and helpful resources any person could use in their daily lives; however, the implementation of a stun gun makes this gadget a protective instrument. The product, which is now available, is a stun gun that can be used and is disguised as a flashlight.

The portable and powerful device is a great breakthrough in safety solutions using extra bright LED light bulbs and 9 Million electrical voltages. Comprised using high quality materials, it is a highly durable product and presents with rechargeable batteries. The purchase of this item is available with a one-year warranty period; plus, it is available in two different sizes according to the buyer's preference.

The stun gun flashlight is beneficial for women, but it is not only recommended for females because it can be used by all members of a family. If your job requires frequent interaction with strangers or travelling to unfamiliar areas, this gadget is a necessary item in your pocket or bag.

Keeping one of these flashlight stun guns in the car can also offer a sense of security merely by knowing how reliable the item is. If you are hiking, jogging, or completing daily physical exercises outside, it is recommended that you take along the item to keep any potential attackers away including stray animals.

The flashlight stun gun is a security device that is powerful enough to immobilize an aggressive attacker with a single accurate stun, but it remains a non-lethal device. The bright light emitted from the LED light bulbs is able to stall the attacker so you can get away. This can be the first line of defense, but if the attacker pursues you it may be necessary to use the stun gun aspect of the device. The stunning element will release a high voltage that will temporarily paralyze the individual and disorient him. The shock will not be passed to you even if he attempts to grab or touch you.

The stun gun flashlight is a great gift for friends and loved ones, particularly young women who are more often than not the object of desire for deviants. It is a reliable item to have when unpleasant attacks occur, so make sure it is part of your safety practices. It will not hurt to invest in an item that offers security and peace of mind, such as the flashlight stun gun.