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Cell Phone Stun Guns

Electrifying Defense Is Provided By Cell Phone Stun Guns

Just think about all of those innovative ideas that you and family members run into on a daily basis. For example, what about cell phone stun guns. They are such a cool idea! An attacker will definitely be surprised when they attempt to attack or mug you and your cell phone emits 12,000,000 volts into them. They won't have any idea what they've been hit with. First of all, they will see you holding a cell phone, and then before they know it, they are immobilized on the ground. They might not know where they are at initially, but they will get a clue soon enough.

Think about the last time you went to a shopping mall. So just how many cell phones were hanging on the belts of shoppers as they moved through the mall? You may not really remember a detail like that, however many individuals have clips and holsters that attach with their cell phones. How many of the cell phones that you saw hanging off of the belts were actually real? Do you think all of them are? Perhaps, but you won't know by simply looking at them.

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The Cell Phone Stun Gun

Is it possible to make phone calls with them?

Of course, you can place it to your ear and talk to yourself, however in terms of a real conversation with another person goes, that won't happen. It won't occur for the cell phone thief wanting to steal the phone hanging from your hip either. Yes, he will definitely be surprised! The safety pin that is attached to your wrist strap sounds an alarm that will cause them to drop your cell phone stun gun and head for cover. Just think what the look will be on their face when they think will either be able to make lots of calls on your phone or sell it, but instead are confronted by a phone that has its very own car alarm. It is incredible the number of thieves that attempt to steal cell phones from unsuspecting, innocent individuals. Some criminals are so good at swiping cell phones that a majority of their victims aren't even aware that it has vanished, until they realized they aren't hearing it ring or when they want to make a phone call.

However, you can take comfort in knowing that its tactical design ensures that a cell phone stun gun remains completely unknown. The important thing is your safety. Too many individuals assume that some kind of safety device isn't necessary, but that is completely false. You have just one life to live, so you must put precautions in place to protect it. Don't have the attitude of those kinds of things happen only to other people, because that is exactly the way those other people end up getting hurt.

Who should be carrying a cell phone stun gun with them?

The first thing to keep i mind is that cell phone stun guns and other types of self defense devices need to be kept from children. They might end up hurting somebody else or themselves, but in terms of everyone else, they are a very good idea. You just don't want to be that unsuspecting individual who walks out to their car after work at night and get approached by someone dangerous. Whenever you are going to be out by yourself make sure that you have some kind of self defense device with you.

So don't think of this as me preaching at you, but instead consider it as one human being concerned about another human. When we look out for one another, and make one another aware, that is when products like cell phone stun guns will increase all of our safety. Just make sure you don't get caught without some type of protection.

Why Buy a Cell Phone Stun Gun?

With a plethora of weapons available in the non-lethal self-defense realm, the one that you finally select will be a matter of what you're most comfortable with. A person can find everything readily available on the Internet. From a steel baton to pepper spray, you're sure to find what you're looking for. An excellent choice is a stun gun that appears to be a cell phone.

Easy to carry, easy to conceal, they can pack a powerful wallop and look as if you're just carrying a cell phone on your belt. This can really catch a would-be attacker off guard and save your life. Easy to place in a purse, on a belt, in a pocket, you're sure to get the best benefit if someone thinks that it's just a cell phone and since most people carry those these day's no one will think twice about it.

Cell phone stun guns work just as any other stun gun. Simply press the end of the stun gun against the would-be attacker and then press the button. A high voltage will be applied and a low amp charge will hit the attacker. Most would-be attackers won't even notice that you're carrying it.

As soon as you immobilize the would-be attacker, it's time to get away. By selecting a non-lethal weapon you can safely stop an attack and get away. Even pepper spray can work or a personal alarm or even a steel baton, however, this is only temporary so be sure that you're ready to run.

The cell phone stun gun looks so innocent that you may just feel safer. This stun gun operates on rechargeable batteries. Available in black, a 6 LED built-in flashlight is also with a part of the unit. It also has a protective carrying case.

Why buy a stun gun that looks like a cell phone? Ease of concealment and easy to carry you're sure to appreciate how harmless they appear. Reasonably priced and very effective this cool looking unit could just save your life one day.

Just remember, the purpose of such a weapon is to remove yourself from a bad situation and get to safety. Once you've deployed the unit it's time to move and move fast. Have several potential routes in mind when you use the device for escape.