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Lipstick Stun Guns

Stun Master's New Lipstick Stun Gun

Stun Master has carved out a niche for itself at the top of the self-defense market. The company produces a wide range of popular and effective stun guns, suitable for the needs of every sort of customer.

Women have previously favored the Lipstick Stun Gun as an effective self-defense model. With a small size perfectly suited to carrying in a clutch or purse, this model gave women the confidence of having an effective weapon conveniently available in any occasion. It was discreet and surprising in any confrontational situation. The only question was regarding its effectiveness: Was this pint-sized stun gun really a powerhouse?

Stun Master has employed the latest and greatest technology to improve this non-lethal weapon and put those effectiveness questions to rest with its new Lipstick Stun Gun.

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The New Lipstick Stun Gun

* Higher Voltage

The new model Lipstick Stun Gun packs a full 3 million volts, answering the "is it strong enough" question with a powerful affirmative. The basic operating principle of the stun gun is to short-circuit an assailant's muscles by dumping huge amounts of electrical energy into them. You can rely on the Lipstick Stun Gun to deliver a potent, incapacitating dose of electricity in under two seconds. Longer contacts (in the two to five-second range) will interrupt nerve signals and cause an attacker to lose all control of muscular function. This produces not only pain but total incapacity, with targets frequently falling to the ground. An assailant's mental state will be dazed and confused for a significant space of time after a strong contact. Recovery can take between two and ten minutes, giving you ample time to retreat and find safety.

Remember that a stun gun can be an effective weapon even in a deterrent role. The sight and sound of a charged stun gun may be enough to stop a potentially-deadly assailant in his tracks.

* A Better Flashlight

The Lipstick Stun Gun also includes an improved LED flashlight, making it both a useful general tool and a better self-defense weapon. Besides providing you with a means of easily illuminating dark spaces, it can also serve as a potent deterrent weapon in its own right. Shining the light directly into an assailant's eyes will both make you harder to see and disorient your attacker significantly. A flash of powerful light may give you the time and space you need to take control of a situation.

* More Colors

Stun Master offers the new Lipstick Stun Gun in a wider range of colors than ever before. It comes in Pink, Purple, Red, Gold,and Black. The attractive rhinestone design is subtle but presentable. Self-defense never looked so good!

The new model of the Lipstick Stun Gun is, like previous versions, fully rechargeable. Use the included wall charger to keep your stun gun ready for action at all times.

Lipstick Stun Gun - Women's Self Defense Tool

It is a sad truth that, in society these days, a variety of dangers lurk around, no matter where you're living. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your safety, and unfortunately, you'll usually need to be. Every single day people fall prey to assault - and women are particularly at risk in that regard. Rape statistics have been increasing daily, and nobody really can tell where or when they would be attacked. How can you fight off such an attacker? Fortunately, technology can help you with that, and it's possible to protect yourself by using self-defense devices designed specifically for females who want to take charge of their own safety.

For instance, a lipstick stun gun can be an excellent self-defense solution for a woman. Not only it's among the smallest and most portable stun guns currently on the market, it looks exactly like a regular lipstick tube. Nobody will expect an innocent lipstick tube to pack a punch like that. The lipstick stun gun is only 5" X 1", so it's easy to hide in your pocket or even your hand. It is rechargeable and powerful, packing 3,000,000 volts of power - a lot more than you need to stop a potential attacker and give you enough time to get to safety. After the discharge, you can easily find help and have your perpetrator arrested.

Among the best qualities of the lipstick stun gun is the fact that you can easily hide it in plain sight, and nobody will know it is a self defense weapon. You can keep it in your glove box, purse or makeup bag - anywhere that'd be easy to access if you needed it. Nobody needs to know you have a self-defense tool on you - everyone will think it's simply lipstick. Potential attackers won't even try to disarm you as you prepare to defend yourself.

The lipstick stun gun comes with a few additional features: A wrist strap or lanyard which you can use to keep it handy, and a safety pin. The wrist strap will prevent people from disarming you or taking the stun gun, and the safety pin will automatically dislodge if someone manages to grab it - so that they will be unable to use it on you.

Not only is it a personal protection device, the lipstick stun gun is also a flashlight, with bright LED bulbs which will help you make sure you're safe when in a dark area or at night. Stun guns are legal in the majority of states, and can be very easily purchased. There's no need to have any legal documentation or go through specific training in order to bring them with you.

While women tend to have limited physical strange, with a tool like that they can be safe, and not need to worry so much about potential attackers. Simply keep one of these ready, and you'll be safer, with all the protection you might need to ensure you're secure. A lipstick looks innocent, but it's a great protection device that every woman should have on hand - they're inexpensive too, so you could even have multiple ones in different locations!